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Fresh Force signed with D.J. International, an independent label in Chicago, and in 1990 released a 12" single, "Who Runs This Mutha'", and in 1991 released "Body House", which appeared on a compilation disc (JACK MASTER VI) with several other artists.

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Top Left: Oren Ben-Ami, Emanuel Whitfield, Johnny Winston Jr., Erin Hynum, Bottom: Richard Henderson

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Fresh Force was a rap group formed in 1984 in Madison, Wisconsin. The members consisted of Erin "DJ Sweet E" Hynum, Johnny "Savior Faire/J-Law" Winston Jr., Emanuel "MC Yokes" Whitfield, Oren "Finesse" Ben-Ami, and Richard "Daddy Rich" Henderson.

Fresh Force performed at various talent shows and block parties throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. During a Madison West High School talent show, Fresh Force was recognized by Len Mattioli "TV Lenny" of American TV. They signed a contract to appear in a series of television commercials, mostly during the Christmas season.

As Fresh Force became more popular, they were asked to appear in several shows. They opened shows and performed with such artists as Speech (from the Grammy-winning group, Arrested Development), Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Ready for the World, EPMD, Glenn Medeiros, The Cheaters, and Fast Eddie.

In 1987, they finished recording their first 45-rpm vinyl EP "We Rock the House", "Always Together", and "Prejudice", produced at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin with the help of Butch Vig and Steve Marker, from the Grammy-nominated rock band, Garbage.

Fresh Force were at the peak of their careers when they signed a record contract with an independent record label from Chicago, D.J. International. They recorded many songs, but ended up releasing only two songs: "Who Runs This Mutha" released as a 12" single in 1990 and "Body House", in 1991, which appeared on a compilation disc "JACK MASTER VI" with several other artists.